As a parent, you play an important role in the development of your baby’s brain. You are your baby’s most important connection to the world.You interact daily with your baby. These interactions have a life-long effect on your baby’s ability to reach full potential. Bilingual Brochure.

This website will help you support your baby’s brain development:  Healthy Baby Healthy Brain.

Pinky McKay is a best-selling author with four titles published by Penguin including Sleeping Like a baby, 100 Ways to Calm the Crying, Toddler Tactics and Parenting By Heart. The Australian Breastfeeding Association, La Leche League International and The Australian Association of Infant Mental Health endorse her books.  Her web site has a wealth of information on parenting infants and toddlers, as well as breastfeeding.

Comfort Play & Teach by Infant Mental Health Promotion offers a handy resource that explains developmental milestones from 0-60 months.  

Also have a look at their Parenting Moments page: "a series of information sheets for parents with everyday strategies for dealing with common topics and issues that arise during the early years. Each week we will post a new topic with information relevant to caregivers of infants and toddlers (0 - 36 months) and preschoolers (36 - 48 months)."

"Vaccination is an act of individual responsibility, but it has a huge collective impact. If one gets vaccinated, not only are they protecting myself, they are also protecting others." Please, watch the video below:

Positive Discipline in Everyday Parenting is an evidence based parenting program developed by Dr. Joan Durant at the University of Manitoba; it is offered all over the world and is applicable to all parents and children in any culture.

"10 Reasons Why Handheld Devices Should Be Banned for Children Under the Age of 12"

by Cris Rowan (Pediatric occupational therapist, biologist, speaker, author)

Kellymom is a stellar resource for parenting and breastfeeding.  Parents may find the night time parenting resources very reassuring, and instructive.  Wonderful evidence-based practice.

6 Hidden Myths Behind Baby Sleep Training Advocacy, by Dr Darcia Navaez, a Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Notre Dame.

You Can't Tell a Mom has Postpartum Depression by Looking. At Postpartum Progress, a phenomenal resource and support for postpartum depression.

AboutKidsHealth is a multi-lingual health education resource for children, youth and caregivers that is approved by health-care providers at The Hospital for Sick Children. AboutKidsHealth empowers families to become a partner in their own health care by equipping them with reliable, evidence-based health information. It makes complex health information easy to understand for families, and makes it immediately available whenever and wherever they have questions about child health regardless of where they are in Canada or the world. Sign up for their excellent newsletter!

"Safe Sleep For Your Baby" is a publication by the Public Health Agency of Canada.  Download the brochure.  You can also read more about safe sleep, and watch their video at their web site.

Best Start also has a much more extensive booklet all about sleep:  "Sleep Well, Sleep Safe" is an evidence based publication that answers just about any question or concern a parent of a newborn to twelve month old might have about sleep, and sleep safety.